Yahweh Elohim Ministry is a world ministry working with local churches around the world to unite in the common purpose of living and proclaiming the good news of Jesus in their communities. YEM is a network of churches in several states in the United States that have each formed an evangelical alliance and international organizations united to give an identity, a voice and a global platform to more than one thousand of evangelical Christians in the United States. diaspora. Seeking holiness, justice and renewal at every level of society, on an individual, family, community and cultural scale, God is glorified and the nations of the earth are transformed forever.

Pastor Max Felix and his wife and several US Christians met in 2015 with the intention of launching, in their own words, “a new thing in the history of the church, an organization set for the expression of unity among individual Christians belonging to different churches. ” This was the beginning of a vision that was accomplished in 2016, a year later when Pastor Max and his wife decided to form this
YEM Organization Today, 2 years after the Miami rally, YEM is a dynamic global unity and action organization that encompasses more than four states in the United States for a more evangelical world. It is a unit based on the historical Christian faith expressed in the evangelical tradition. And YEM looks to the future with the vision of fulfilling God’s plans, making disciples of all nations for Jesus Christ.


We proclaim the name of Jesus Christ the only one who saves.

We evolve in several types of ministries, the ministries of children, the ministry of youth, the ministries of the elderly, and the Sunday school.

Daily prayer is very important: it is a time of communication with God, a time of dialogue and listening. Without a life of constant prayer, we gradually give way to the glorification of the self, to the proper life that has its needs, its demands, its desires and its fantasies. Our problems, whether sexual or not, are resurfacing.

Prayer is neither a monologue nor a constraint, nor a passive moment, but rather a time of joyful and well-filled sharing with God. apply on +1508 405 5